Digital specialist support and training

Your team is doing well but sometimes you need a technical freak ūüôā

Somebody good with website analytics, pixels, data feeds and automated bidding.

Objective insight sessions

We will review your marketing data & ad accounts and provide practical recommendations. The output includes:

  • Audience insights – who is your customer?
  • Traffic insights – where are your users coming from?
  • User behaviour insights – what are users doing and where?
  • Media buying reviews and recommendations

In-house digital media support

Digital media has become a core competence and should be run in-house. We can support you with Google Ads , Facebook Ads , YouTube, Tiktok and LinkedIn ads. 
Solutions include:

  • Training
  • Strategy support
  • Audience research
  • Setup of conversion/ROI/ROAS tracking¬†
  • Reporting and / or custom performance dashboards

Campaign reviews

Monthly, quarterly or once-off reviews.
We can provide you with campaign reviews and set up training to transfer those skills to your in-house teams. 

  • 70-point Google Analytics review
  • Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads
  • Optimisation insights and creative performance
  • Tailored training sessions and recommendations

Use Analytics with other Google solutions to get a complete understanding of your marketing efforts and enhance performance.

Take your team to the next level