Google Display Network vs. DV360

In this guide we will unpack the functionality and benefits of DV360 and GDN.

Google Ads and DV360 both allow you to buy display ads in real time

However, while Google Ads (or Google Display Network) has access to inventory in the Google Ad Exchange (and YouTube), DV360 extends far beyond this to companies such as AppNexus (Xandr), Rubicon, Adform and more.

GDN and DV360 comparisons



Google Exchange Adex
Google Exchange Adex + non-Google exchanges (±80 platforms) which means higher quality inventory than can lead to better performance

Deal Types

Buy ad space through an open auction
Allows you to do direct deals (preferred deals, private auctions & guaranteed deals)

Creative Formats

Standard formats (text, image, rich media & video)
Standard + High impact responsive data-driven creative formats


Audience & Content targeting
Audience, Content, Custom (web browser, device type, specific device make, model & OS)

1st & 3rd Party Data

1st & 3rd party audience lists
Audience, Content, Custom (web browser, device type, specific device make, model & OS)1st party audience lists (based on specified user behaviour) and 3rd party audience integration to build custom segments. Can also be shared across the rest of the GMP stack.

Platform Fees

Spend based. (Differs from each reseller)

Frequently asked questions

Display advertising is a type of online advertisement where marketers combine text, images, and a URL that links to a website where a customer can learn more about or buy products.

Programmatic advertising is the automation of buying digital ads using technology (like DV360*) that utilise AI and machine learning to purchase ads in real time, while continuously optimising the data.

No, although it is very similar. GDN is Google’s own display network that is a small subset of the total inventory space available.

Yes, DV360 is Google’s enterprise Programmatic & Demand Side Platform (DSP) solution for advertisers.

*Previously known as DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)

A demand side platform (DSP) is the system that advertisers use to buy ads such as display, video, mobile and audio via real-time bidding.

Yes, DV360 is Google’s enterprise DSP solution for advertisers.

We recommend GDN to 90% of our advertisers over DV360. Here's why:

  • Platform usage is free of charge with inexpensive advertising
  • Wide reach across websites, apps, YouTube & Gmail
  • User friendly platform with machine learning for optimal campaign delivery
  • Advanced targeting options to increase relevancy & conversions, including retargeting
  • Multiple formats and goals to deliver towards your campaign objectives
  • Practical default reporting to measure success of campaigns

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