Guide to Google Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 is a search engine management tool that forms part of the Google Marketing Platform ecosystem. It focuses on making the management of multiple search engine accounts more efficient while driving performance through the use of automation and AI.

What does Search Ads 360 allow advertisers to do?

Manage search campaigns at scale :

Search Ads 360 allows advertisers to manage all their search campaigns from a single interface, regardless of search engine.

Implement advanced bidding solutions:

Google’s Smart bidding utilises real-time data to drive performance. It also implements advanced bidding solutions by using powerful data, like customer lifetime value.

Leverage powerful data:

Business data can be used to add an extra layer of insight to reporting. It can also power campaign parameters – such as bids – or use audience data to provide insights into current campaigns.


Search campaigns can be automated using tools such as Business Data and Merchant Centre to update ads, keywords, bids etc.

Create dynamic ads:

Rather than keywords, dynamic campaigns use an advertiser’s website content to create ads. Dynamic ads also determine what user searches the ads should display for.


Search Ads 360 natively integrates with all other GMP products – as well as other tools such as social channels and analytics partners – to draw insights and power search campaign settings.


Advertisers can draw insights from multiple search engines, paid media channels and analytics partners. They can also utilise powerful attribution tools, assigning value to campaigns based on a variety of attribution models available.

How do I get access to Search Ads 360?

As Search Ads 360 is a ‘premium’ product, it is not as readily accessible as Google Ads. There are two ways you can get access to the platform:

Via Google directly:

If you are a large enough advertiser, you may be eligible to buy the technology directly from Google. However, to ensure the correct use of the technology, you will need to work with an implementation partner with experience using the platform.

Via a reseller:

In Europe, Google has a few partners like DQ&A, Jellyfish and Acceleration authorised to sell the technology. Note that when buying through a reseller, the contract is held by them. This can be transferred at a later stage if you become eligible to buy directly from Google.

How much does the technology cost?

To utilise Search Ads 360, advertisers will need to pay a platform fee. This usually starts at 4-5% and reduces as the media spend increases. Note that this is an additional fee and not included in the media cost.

In  order to use this technology, there are minimum spend thresholds. These differ and are dependent on a number of factors, such as the buyer and where they get their contract from.

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