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Turn marketing analytics into revenue

We empower mid size companies to use their data and analytics to increase sales and revenue

But we have Google Analytics

Yes we know.
Our services are specifically designed for you.

The constant pressure to hit lead, sales or revenue targets requires
insight and data.


To deliver on these targets you need solid data from all your marketing
and sales activities. Like digital media, SEO, email, CRM etc.

Once armed with data you need insight.
At your fingertips, on your phone in real time.

We collect, format and fix data.
Then build beautiful dashboards.

Get insights. See immediate results.

Opinions matter but trust in data

We don’t give our opinion in meetings.
We look at the story the data tells.

Run your business on run facts and not opinion.

Projects we work on:

  • Insight into why a website is not generating leads or sales
  • Defining measurement plans and agreed KPIs
  • Real time mobile ROI dashboards
  • Track offline sales back to website leads
  • Creating audiences and managing
  • Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 or Google Analytics 360

Our most popular solutions

Review Google Analytics ROI tracking

R 9,000 Once-off
  • Accurate lead and sales reporting
  • Insight into which channels deliver leads / sales
  • Understand behaviour on your website
  • Improve marketing budget allocation

Digital Marketing Dashboard

R 25,000 Once-off
  • Real time ROI data
  • Insight into website traffic and behaviour
  • Insight into marketing channel performance
  • Insight into keywords & ads performance

Lifetime Marketing Dashboard

R 39,000 Once-off
  • Insight from marketing and CRM data
  • Real time ROI & lifetime value data
  • Insight into website traffic and behaviour
  • Insight into marketing channel performance

Need a custom solution?

You are not alone, 80% of our enquiries are
for custom solutions

Need more convincing?

The People's Fund
"NightJarr helped us reach the people who need us and decreased our Goodle Ads cost per lead by 40%"
Luyanda Jafta
"NightJarr opened our eyes to marketing data. I think we'll see a 10x improvement by making more informed decisions.
Michael Cowen
“NightJarr not only helped us understand the key necessary insights we need to be tracking on our website, but brought with them so much more insight into how we should be managing the site for maximum output. They're an incredibly powerful team. Thanks guys!”
Don Packett
Head of Marketing

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