Campaign Manager 360: Setup and enablement

Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) – formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager is Google’s digital ad management platform.
It has features for ad serving, audience creation and management, and advanced measurement and reporting.

While features can be used in isolation, when advertisers use the full Google Marketing Platform Stack (Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Campaign Manager 360 also operates as the central hub for tracking, audiences and reporting.

We get it, setting up a platform such as DV360 can be intimidating.
We can help with strategy, help with floodlights and integrate it with other GMP products.
Then we’ll help you launch the first 2 campaigns.

Access & account structure

Infrastructure setup

Audience & floodlight mapping

Audience & floodlight creation

Implement floodlights into GTM (up to 5)

Create advertisers

Create up to 2 campaigns (with max 20 placements per campaign)

Traffic ads

Excludes: Advertisers who spend more than R1 mil on digital advertising per month.

R105,777.78 Ex VAT

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