Google Analytics 360: Setup and enablement

Google Analytics 360 (GA360) is the paid for enterprise version of Google Analytics (GA). The key differences between the two versions is computational power and integrations.

GA360 can process more data, more quickly and more accurately. It provides upsampled data with a four hour freshness guarantee, governed by a SLA. This means that you can pull all the data tracked on your website/app with total confidence and in near real time.

GA Standard also has data limits. A free GA property can only process up to 10 million hits a month at no cost. More data than 10 million hits may not be processed and will require a GA360 license to access that data.

GA360 also increases functional aspects of the data being collected. GA Standard allows for 20 custom dimensions and metrics, while GA360 allows for 200 custom dimensions and metrics.
Data from multiple GA properties (websites) can be natively joined together with a Roll-Up Property (no double tagging required).

GA Standard has an integration with Google Ads but GA360 has native/turnkey integrations with the complete Google Marketing Platform (GMP) stack as well as some Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products like BigQuery


Setup new account and setup users

Setup 4 views

Setup filters to exclude external traffic

Link with Google Ads

Link to DV360

Create up to 4 audiences and publish

Setup 5 conversion goals

Excludes: Websites with more than 100k users per month

R200,222.22 Ex VAT

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