Google Ads: Basic training

Who is this for?
Marketers who:

  • Have decided to run Google Ads in-house
  • Have a Google Ads account but not sure how it works
  • Are generating some sales but not sure what is working
  • Want to get more leads / sales from the same budget

What makes our training different? 
We train you and your team inside your Google Ads instance.
We focus on the areas you struggle with like keywords, audiences or best ads formats.

The training agenda:

Account Structure – best practice on how to structure campaigns and ad groups.

Setting up a basic search campaign – keyword match types, which ad formats work.

Setting up a basic display campaign – choosing audiences, targeting publishers, best ad formats and capping impressions.

Setting up a basic YouTube campaign – choosing audiences, targeting channels, best video formats.

Basic reporting – which data to look at and how to avoid creating manual reports


Training sessions are 2 hours and is done remotely.

R12,000.00R35,000.00 Ex VAT


Not exactly what you need?
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