Upgrade your marketing team

Don't just train your team, enable them.

Why insource digital marketing?

Building an internal digital marketing team is hard and takes time.

The benefits:

  • Quicker turn around and no more briefs (hallelujah)
  • Own the learnings (IP) from marketing
  • Own the advertising platforms and data
  • Build marketing competitive advantage

We work well with these teams:

  • Team size of around 2-5 marketers
  • Are running Google Ads and Facebook
  • Wants to get their hands dirty
  • Hungry to experiment
  • Want to own the advertising platforms and technology

It's about to get technical

We have packaged our services into products.

It might be overwhelming, sorry.
Help is only a click away.

Google Ads enablement

Basic training

Want to upskill your team but don’t know where to start? We train teams to understand the basics of the platform which can be applied to your campaigns and data. We help you to build a solid foundation to run campaigns like a boss.

Account Structure – how to structure campaigns and ad groups.

Setup of search campaigns – keyword match types etc

Setup of display campaigns – audiences, publishers,  ads etc

Setup of video campaigns  – Youtube, audiences, channels, best formats.

Training sessions are 2 hours and is done remotely.

Advanced training

You understand the basics and want to take your campaigns and performance to the next level? We are here to help. With our team of experts we train your teams keeping your basics and campaign data in mind.

Setting up ROAS or product margin optimisation using AI

Shopping campaigns – how merchant center works, products feeds and waterfall campaigns

Advanced display campaigns – audiences, RDA, optimisation tactics

Importing customer data for improved targeting.

Training sessions are 2 hours and is done remotely.

Google Analytics enablement

Basic training

Analytics is the foundation and driver for all your website data and insights. Enabling teams to work with Google Analytics, knowing how to set this up and using data is gold. Our basic training will enable your teams to own this space.

Audiences  – who is visiting your website

Acquisition – where users are coming from

Behavior – what users are doing on the website

Conversions – identify users showing signals to buy

Reporting – how to present the data inside your team

Training sessions are 2 hours and is done remotely

Advanced training

Is it time to take data and analytics to the next level? Are advanced audience strategies a discussion point? Want to understand ecommerce data from a 360 degree perspective? Well then this training is for you and your teams. Make your data dreams a reality.

Ecommerce – checkout process, funnels

Audience data – who is buying, how to publish audiences to Google Ads

Events – how to track specific actions like videos or button clicks

Conversions – How to setup conversions correctly and to publish the data to advertising platforms

Training sessions are 2 hours and is done remotely

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