Google Marketing Platform enablement

DV360, Analytics 360, Search 360 and Campaign Manager 360.
Hard to get a license, even harder to run.

Why care about enablement?

So you’ve got the tech. Win.
But you don’t know how to use it properly. Oops.

We won’t tell anyone. We’ll just come in and help you get going.  Then we’ll leave you to it.

Are we a fit?


You have all the licenses but perhaps you need to:

  • Upgrade your DV360 programmatic skills
  • Buy direct and from more exchanges
  • Setup floodlight tags
  • Link Campaign Manager 360 with DV360 and Search 360
  • Export GA360 data into Google BigQuery


It's about to get technical

We have packaged our services into products.

Browse the products, the scope and how much it costs.

It might be overwhelming, sorry.
Help is only a click away.

Google Marketing Platform

Campaign Manager 360

Is having a sophisticated adserver such as Campaign Manager needed? What can it do for my business & performance data and insights? How do I get started? Everyone has it, do I need it? NightJarr can answer all of these questions and get campaigns off the ground, fast.

Access & account structure

Infrastructure setup

Audience & floodlight mapping

Audience & floodlight creation

Implement floodlights into GTM (up to 5)

Create advertisers

Create up to 2 campaigns (with max 20 placements per campaign)

Traffic ads

Display & Video 360

We get it, a buying platform such as DV360 can be intimidating. So many options, so many rules! NightJarr knows how to curate your strategies in DV360, advise on creatives and ad formats, how to use content and video’s you have, which audiences to talk to & how to track performance to ensure 100% visibility on ad spend.

Account activation, access and account structure

Setup user access

Connect with GA4 / GA 360

Import Google Analytics audiences

FloodLight mapping

Floodlight & audience creation

Implement floodlights into GTM (up to 5)

Connect to Google Data Studio


Audience research

Create campaigns and set targeting (up to 5)

Traffic ads

Exclusions / white list (no ads on kids Apps)

Performance dashboard (usage for 30 days)

Optimise campaign for 15 days Included

Search 360

Search Ads 360 is a search management platform to help advertisers and agencies manage search enginge campaigns, across multiple engines. It offers streamlined workflows and in-depth reporting features to enable buyers to efficiently run campaigns, while improving campaign performance.

Access & account structure

Infrastructure setup

Linking to CM

Syncing to Google Ads

Set up bid strategies (up to 5)

Get 1 campaign off the ground

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is the paid for enterprise version of Google Analytics (GA). The key differences between the two versions is computational power and integrations. With GA360 you can pull all the data tracked on your website/app with total confidence and in near real time. Google Analytics 360 gives your business the tools you need to better understand your customers and improving your website.

Setup new account and setup users

Setup 4 views

Setup filters to exclude external traffic

Link with Google Ads

Link to DV360

Create up to 4 audiences and publish

Setup 5 conversion goals

Speak to a GMP expert