Show ads only to profitable clients

Creativity is for humans. Let the AI robots calculate who will purchase.

Automate your media bidding based on your customer data and CRM data.

Use customer data to improve campaign performance

Precision targeting reduces wastage, increases ROI and delivers relevant, personalised campaigns to your audience. We will improve your targeting by integrating your CRM data with Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn through the following solutions:

  • Data-driven audience strategy
  • Customer data integration with Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Campaign set up and monitoring
  • Inhouse team training

Improve profitability with machine learning

We will bring you deeper insights about the long-term value of different customers by linking your customer lifetime value (LTV) to Google Analytics. And by leveraging Google’s automated bidding, you will find your most profitable customers.

  • Offline conversion import
  • ROAS / life time value (LTV) bidding
  • Inhouse team training

Use Analytics with other Google solutions to get a complete understanding of your marketing efforts and enhance performance.

Upgrade your digital media and team