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Google Ads not delivering ROI?

You're not alone.

This usually goes wrong:

  • Conversion tracking. Google Ads works on conversion data and if this is inaccurate the bidding engine optimises for the wrong signals.
  • Poor keyword targeting. Incorrect keyword match types results in irrelevant clicks.
  • Spam in Google Display Network. Most publishers deliver no value but is not removed from targeting list.
  • High CPCs. Irrelevant and competitive keywords will drive up your CPCs.
  • Poor conversion rates. A misalignment between the user intent and the landing page.
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How can NightJarr fix this?

How we have solved media ROI issues:

  • Fixed the conversion data to fix the bidding in Google Ads or Meta
  • Improved account structure and the keyword selection
  • Imported offline lead/sales data to improve bidding
  • Deployed revenue data to activate ROAS bidding
  • Fixed landing pages with UX
  • Redeployed display and video campaigns with strict spam monitoring

What makes NightJarr different? 

Our core offering is marketing analytics and data, the critical ingredients to compete with Google Ads.

We work well with clients who:

  • Have unused data (like CRM data or offline sales data) to use in Google Ads
  • Been running Google Ads for 5 or more years
  • Also run campaigns in Facebook and LinkedIn

Google Ads management fees

Apart from media buying skills we bring data skills to the table.

This includes Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager experts and data scientists.   

Our media buying fees are around 10-15% of media.

Our data services are either a once off fee or 5-10% of media.

Susie Goodman from Strauss & Co
Susie Goodman
Strauss and Co

"NightJarr has taken our digital capabilities to the next level"

We help Strauss and Co to find new art auction buyers using audience based digital media and analysing auction performance.

Robert Taylor from FullCircl
Robert Taylor

"NightJarr have been a trusted and proven technology partner"

We help FullCircl target their niche audience with Google Ads and CRM data.

Jonathan Berning from Ardmore
Jonathan Berning

“NightJarr empowered us to understand our digital media investments”

We helped Ardmore with their international online sales strategy and media buying.