Marketing Analytics & MarTech | NightJarr

If your marketing is not broken.
Fix it

Why consider us?

We are the only company in South Africa, which focuses on marketing effectiveness. 

Trusted by marketing teams from the likes of Virgin Active, Strauss & Co, and Ardmore.

Our solutions

1. Marketing analytics

Do you know what is moving the needle?

  • Measure campaign results
  • Real-time dashboards for quicker decisions
  • Attribution models to help with media investments
  • Life time tracking (LTV)

2. Data driven marketing

Move into the 21st century. Use your customer data and other data assets to improve profitability

  • Decisions based on data
  • Improve media campaigns with improved targeting
  • Data driven creative
  • Machine learning activation

3. MarTech implementation

Run your own campaigns (with some help)

  • Setup of Google Ads, Facebook or LinkedIn Ads
  • Media campaign reviews
  • Shopping data feeds
  • Video campaigns
  • Technical SEO