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The 2023 MarTech landscape in South Africa

Marketing technology can help you deliver better results and future proof your business.


- What is MarTech? What are the benefits?

- Adtech: To Google or not to Google, that is the question (what are the options?)

- Marketing analytics: The state of Google Analytics 4 and alternatives.

- CRM & customer data platforms (CDP): The future is first party data.

Where: Online (register to receive an invite)

Cost: Complimentary

Testimonials from previous attendees:
It was a brilliant insightful session, I especially appreciate the fact they make it a comfortable learning experience and not one that intimidates attendees from the welcome address. ~ K. Ethiraju, Africa School of Technology
Thanks to Ferdie Bester and the NightJarr team for hosting this insightful webinar today. It was an extremely informative session, demonstrating the true strengths of #ChatGPT from a marketing perspective. ~ J. Everett, BetGames
The 2023 MarTech landscape in South Africa
Your host

Mauritz Gilfillan, an entrepreneurial Marketing Technologist, thrives at the intersection of marketing strategy and technology. Currently a Partner Manager at Acceleration, he brings over 15 years of experience in international digital marketing, senior leadership, technology consulting, and business development. Mauritz embodies the ideal blend of a "digital adult" who grew up with an "analogue childhood", and uses this to craft meaningful marketing experiences.

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Jun 21, 2023
2:00 pm
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