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We are slightly different

NightJarr is not an agency with full time employees.

How we work

We are a team of consultants who choose not to be employed.

We have side gigs, hobbies and families which require flexibility.

We choose the clients and projects we work on.

We don’t like politics and bureaucracy.

Meet some of the team

Ferdie Bester

NightJarr was founded by Ferdie Bester in 2020 to help marketers sell more online by using marketing technology.

Founder of ClickMaven (now Jellyfish Jhb) , Ferdie has 15 years of experience in helping brands like Investec, Tsogo Sun and Discovery get more from digital.

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Tasmin Kingma

With 11 years experience within the digital media and tech space, Tasmin works with NightJarr clients to consult and advise on what is required and empower them on the Google Marketing Platform.

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Wendy Case

Wendy Case

In the 17 years of digital marketing Wendy has worked on many projects and clients including Piggs Peak Casino, Acceleration (now WPP) and Leadhome.

Wendy works with NightJarr clients on data and analytics projects.


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Portrait Dylan Brent

Dylan Brent

Dylan has been working in the digital industry since 2007. Working at top digital agencies on an array of accounts, from blue-chip companies to small local businesses, he successfully implemented a wide range of strategies, from penny counting e-commerce to splashy brand awareness campaigns. 

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What our clients say

Strauss & Co Logo
Strauss & Co
"NightJarr empowered us with data and helped us move our marketing and auctions online."
Susie Goodman
Executive Director
The People's Fund
"NightJarr helped us reach the people who need us and decreased our Goodle Ads cost per lead by 40%"
Luyanda Jafta
"NightJarr opened our eyes to marketing data. I think we'll see a 10x improvement by making more informed decisions.
Michael Cowen
“NightJarr not only helped us understand the key necessary insights we need to be tracking on our website, but brought with them so much more insight into how we should be managing the site for maximum output. They're an incredibly powerful team. Thanks guys!”
Don Packett
Head of Marketing
Ardmore Designs
“NightJarr empowered us to understand our digital media investments and help us grow international online sales.”
Jonathan Berning

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