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Our solutions

We are a data and analytics agency. Our process starts with a client-centric easy-going conversation around your core business' challenge. We then journey with you as we help solve it using our data science techniques. 

Profitable sales

By refocusing how your customer data is being used - away from nonprofitable sales, and onto the data that matters - we help you save on time and resources previously wasted. 

The data which determines a valuable client, is stored in your CRM and call centre data, which we use to target profitable clients on Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok.

To achieve this we deploy the following integrated technical solutions:

Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or TikTok campaigns
Link your CRM or call center data with your media platforms
Use AI to automate media buying based on profitability

Measurement and analytics

Digital budgets are at their greatest, and with this comes more complexity, uncertainty and pressure to show real results.

Reporting on the performance of marketing efforts usually entails asking:
- What is working?
- Did this campaign deliver leads?
- Did this campaign deliver profitable clients?
- What is my return on investment?

We can provide you with accurate and informative answers, via a user-friendly dashboard that even your CEO will find joy in reviewing. 

To achieve this we make use of:

KPI and measurement strategy sessions  
Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 deployment
ROI tracking, events and offline conversion tracking
Attribution models and insight sessions
Google Looker Studio real time KPI dashboards

Strategy and reviews

A well-informed strategy leads to sound, healthy sales. Data is key to informing such a strategy. 

We help you to correctly capture and analyse your marketing data, to better inform and help formulate a solid strategy that delivers profitable sales and market share.

Here’s how we do this:

Interrogation of and strategic planning from marketing data
Review of your marketing technology (martech) stack
Review of Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok campaign health
Review of the use of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4

Training and resourcing

Expert full-time data analysis skills are scarce and can be a costly undertaking. 

We can provide these same expertise on a project basis, whilst simultaneously upskilling your team, with our pool of:

Google Analytics 4 specialists
Google Tag Manager specialists
Google Firebase / App tracking specialists
Google Ads specialists
Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok specialists
Google Looker Studio (previously Google Data Studio) specialists
Google Big Query specialists